Meet Cheryl

I am a born and raise Plymouth gal, who never intends to leave. Why would I, when im surrounded by so much beauty right here?

It would be very cliche on me to say, photography is my passion, but it's true. I love everything about it and feel very lucky that I can spend the rest of my life doing something I love. Capturing moments of our little people lives in the form of photographs, to me, is the most important thing I can do. To help preserve even my own memories, long after they have been forgotten.

My children are the reason I got into this, they are the reason I breathe and not only do I feel lucky to follow a career I love as a photographer, but the best part is about my job, I am here for my family. Whenever they need me. Nothing is more important to us than our children and having a job that works around them and not the other way around is just beautiful.

I believe everyone deserves to have beautiful portraits of their family, not just phone snaps, but photographs we would be proud to have on our walls, that stop us in our tracks and remind of the days gone by, especially when your children are not quite so little anymore. My sessions are always filled with laughter, I let the children run the show, and boy do they?! I love capturing families having fun and enjoying their time together, this is what I cherish most about my family photos and I want that for you too!


  • Chocolate 

  • Wine

  • Cats

  • Singing into my hairbrush

  • Scary movies


  • Coffee

  • Large crowds

  • not being able to sleep

  • People eating loudly

  • My kids fighting, I mean seriously?

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Oh So Peachy Photography is an award winning newborn, maternity and family photographer based in the heart of Plymouth, Devon 

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