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Hey, My name is Cheryl and I am a natural lifestyle photographer that is  based in the beautiful city of Plymouth, Devon. I find myself central to many beautiful locations, woodlands, hills and fields, beaches and  fishing towns as well as stunning wedding locations a plenty. Being  smack down in the middle of Devon and Cornwall we are spoilt for choice  when it comes to weddings and I enjoy my continued exploration of it and finding new hidden gems.

My aim for your wedding day is to capture the moments. You won't be able  to witness everything that happens within you day, so I am there to  capture moments and small details that you didn't even know had  happened, whilst you enjoy the most special day of your life.

I absolutely love my job and capturing real moments and emotions, for me  wedding photography is about keeping it as relaxed and natural as  possible, I like to blend in with your guests and give the feeling i'm  not really there, this allows me to capture your day as it was intended. Aside from the posed group/bridal shots, the day will be captured  naturally, so if you don't want a photographer that keeps making you  pose for the camera throughout your day, then I am the photographer for  you.

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