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What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle sessions incorporate things that you would typically do, this can be hanging out at home or going to your favourite place. It is recreating your "real life moments'' during your photo shoot. Part of my telephone consultation with you is to bounce ideas around about what you like to do and how we can capture that during your session, so now is a good time to write down all your favourite things about your family that you would love to do together so we can recreate some memories you will treasure.


What happens at a session?

Every session is unique and completely planned around you as a family. Our telephone consultation will bring up ideas of activities that can take place during your session, whether thats puddle jumping, poo-stick throwing, leaf tossing, ring-a-rose-ing. Anything and everything can take place during your session.

How long will a session last? 

A normal session lasts around an hour and a newborn session around two hours, but I do not clock watch, so if the children have taken a little longer to warm up or I feel we haven't quite captured everything I want to then I will keep going til I am happy i've captured your family to the best I can.

How do I chose a location?

Thinking about the location of your session is key, think about days out where you have had fun together, whether that is out on the moorlands, on a beach or in the local woodlands and meadows. The session needs to represent you as a family and your favourite places will do the best. 

My children can be a handful, i'm worried they wont behave or sit still for their photos?

I think all parents worry about this, I know I do when I have my family photographed. Try not to worry, it's OK if your children are wiggly and wild! Enjoy yourselves, smile and snuggle them close. My sessions happen at your favourite locations and within your home, which takes off the pressure that comes with being in a hot studio, they can run around, jump and play to their hearts content. I have photographed many families and a lot of different types of children and pride myself on being able to get the most best out of them and show their personalities. 

No one likes photos of themselves scolding their children, so just forget about making everything perfect and enjoy your time together, your favourite photos will be moments of joy and connection during your session. Please don't panic if your child has a meltdown, we have plenty of time during the session to take some time out and continue once they are happy and ready to continue.



What if my child is ill on the day of the session, can I reschedule? 

Of Course you can! A poorly child is not good for photo's! I am happy to reschedule the session to another date at no extra cost. Please try and give me as much notice as possible. Please note that is the session is to be rescheduled a second time due to illness, there will be a 50% re-booking fee. 

What if it rains the day of our session?

Well, living in beautiful England, this is always a possibility. If I decide the weather is unsuitable then we can reschedule at no extra cost. I have done sessions in most weathers including snow, drizzles and the cold and have achieved some beautiful photo's, so don't despair if its not warm and sunny. An overcast day is perfectly fine and actually the most flattering light to shoot in. If its pouring down, then yes, we will definitely reschedule. 

Can we bring our dog?

Yes absolutely, I love including dogs in a session, after all they are part of the family too! I love photographing children with their beloved pet, if you wish to include your dog, please let me know when booking so we can be sure the location is suitable and I have treats in my pocket! 



I'm worried how I will look in the photo's. I am not photogenic.

This is a worry for a lot of parents and is completely natural for us to feel a little insecure about our looks or the fact we may be carrying a little extra baby weight. I like to think that I am able to get the best out of all my clients and make them feel great during the session, if you have worries please bring them up with me and I will send you some tips before your session on things to do to gain the most flattering angles. Please don't wait to have a family photo shoot til your back to your pre-baby weight, your children see you as beautiful and don't see those extra few pounds and will look back fondly on these memories in years to come. 

Will you make me pose? 

The simple answer is no. I hate posing people, it never comes out natural and you get the oddest expressions sometimes! I want your photos to be as natural to you as possible, and this is achieved by giving your family fun activities to do together rather than asking you to smile for the camera. I will guide you at times, based on the light and space available to us, I may even set you up in a semi-posed situation if you need some guidance, and i will then wait for you to relax into position and become yourselves. If you are after posed, smile for the camera style photographs, then i may not be the girl for you.


How many photographs do you take?

During your session I will take a lot of photographs, quite often in the hundreds, I will then select the images from your session and careful edit them, you will receive a gallery of at least 60 images to choose from at your viewing session.


My home is a mess, it will look aweful in photo's

I will send a full guide on how to best prepare your home for a lifestyle session, so please don't worry if your home is not magazine cover perfect. But in the meantime here is a few simple tips to get you started.

  • pick up any unnecessary clutter, move things that may not provide visual value for your photos, ie phone chargers, washing baskets, dvds or dishes

  • open the curtains and blinds and let the light in! ​

  • Have special items that you would like to use during your session ready.

  • chose three rooms in which you would like to use (normally bedroom, living room and your favourite spot - porch, chair, kitchen)

  • add some fresh flowers, always makes a home seem nicer with scent of flowers. 

Remember i'm there to photograph your family, not your home. I can move things out the way as I go should I  think something will be distracting.​ Sometimes the best photographs are taken where you think isn't a worthy backdrop.

Do you supply unedited/RAW photo's?

No. Once I have chosen the best photographs from your session the rest are deleted, including duplicate, blurred, over/underexposed, and those in between shots with awful expressions, seriously, you don't want to see those!

Do you supply black and white photo's?

Yes, I supply all my photographs in both colour and black and white for you to chose your favourite. 

Will I be put under pressure to spend a fortune after the session?

No, I don't believe in pressuring you to buy more than you can afford, I prefer to let the images talk for themselves and if you decided you love all your photos and can't possibly chose, I do offer payment plans where you can spread payments over 3 dates. Please visit my pricing page for more information


What if I don't like my photo's?

The photographs you see in my portfolio are indicative of the photographs you can expect from your own session. If you like what you have seen, I think you’ll be very happy with your pictures! However, if you’re feeling worried that we may not be a good fit, I certainly respect that! I’ll be happy to refer you to some other photographers if my work isn’t resonating with you the way I’d hoped it would. My number one goal is for you to be happy!”

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