This is great news! I'm so glad you are considering booking me and I am really looking forward to working with you. First things first, please get in touch! As soon as you get in touch we can start the process of planning the perfect session for you. I have a beautiful client guide ready to send out, which is packed full of useful information and details about the kind of session you have chosen to have with me, drop me a line to request your copy.

Once you are ready to book, I will call you to discuss what you would like to gain from your sessions and work with you to gain the memories you deserve. I fully plan each session around you and your family, after all these pieces of art will be on your walls for years to come, so we want to get it right. You will also receive a contract to fill out, which tells you what you can expect from me and what I will expect from you, please read this carefully as it contains vital information such as cancellation policies.


Now that you know you definitely want to book a session with me, it's time to start considering if you would prefer an at home or on location setting for your session.

At home sessions are beautiful for capturing natural, relaxed session within your home without the worry of weather spoiling your day. These sessions are recommended highly for newborns and we can capture all that is new in their worlds, but is great for any session, as we can do lots of fun activities such as a baking, crafting, storytimes and much much more.

On location sessions give our little wildlings, space and freedom to run wild and capturing those genuine moments of joy and laughter is always a favourite of mine, these sessions are just perfect for the growing family, as we watch you interact with each other in beautiful surroundings. 




So you have booked your session, your next thoughts will be moving towards what to wear. The answer is whatever makes you feel comfortable. No point in dressing up in fancy clothes if this doesn't represent you as a family but also make sure your dressed well, we want to see the best versions of yourselves, after all it's not everyday we get photographed, so use this opportunity to dress in your favourite clothes or buy something new! 

But here are some tips to make you look like you belong together as a family.

  1. Mum, choose your outfit first and co-ordinate the rest of your family around you. Placing your families, laying out chosen outfits together will give you an idea of how you will all look together in your photos.

  2. Pick similar tones in colours, so if you’re going for earthy colours, make sure the family all have similar tone, best to stick to 2-4 different colours, but picking different shades can help to blend as well as stand you apart from each other.

  3. Layering clothes, with different textures and floral patterns, will provide interest and an extra touch of style to your sessions.



What to avoid wearing during your session?


This isn’t so much what not to wear but how to make the most of what you do wear.

Firstly you need to think about your location, if you’re having a session in the woods, wearing greens and browns will make you blend into the background, which isn’t what we want. So make sure you stand out from the location you have chosen. Avoid colours that make you look washed out and tired, neutral tones are normally best with blasts of colour rather than lots of one colour. Although you may choose to focus around a certain colour, make sure they are of different tones, after all you don’t want to blend into each other either!

I do suggest that you avoid large prints and logos/motifs and characters. The graphics can be distract from our focal point, which is your lovely faces.


So your session is complete, now you're wondering when will you receive your stunning prints? 

Well the good news is, not long, Editing your images normally takes up to 2 weeks, which you then will be invited to come view your 50 edited images and choose your favourite's for printing, At your viewing appointment you will be able to browse through our products and chose what best suits your home and budget, packages do start from £149, please check out our pricing page for more details on our prices. 

The viewing session can last up to an hour so please make sure you leave enough time to really enjoy the process of selecting your favourite images, before coming start considering where you would like to place your prints and gain an idea of what size you would like and how many, although the how many can be hard sometimes when choosing between so many beautiful images. 

To make things easier for you, if your order is over £200 you can spread the cost out over two or three payments. Once full payment has been received, I will place your order with my high quality printing lab and expect to receive your chosen prints within 7 working days. I will then check over your prints and package them ready for you to collect.  

Still have a question? Check out my FAQs page which is full of the most asked questions. But if your not finding the answer please pop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Family photographer, Plymouth, Devon.

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