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New course coming soon

If you have landed here then welcome and thank you for showing interest in my upcoming e-book!

I am still in the beginning stages of planning it, the first few pages are already written!

I have asked in a few groups what sort of problems they encounter when working with white studios and I plan to answer the majority, if not all within this easy to read e-book! Which will also include links to pre-recorded videos explaining everything from start to finish for visual learners like myself of how to set up to studio, getting the white right in camera, right through to post processing and teaching you how to gain those beautiful whites without losing skin tones.

This will be the first course I have ever done and there will be an early bird discount ready before the launch of the book so that you can be the first to grab it and in return, hopefully review it!

This e-book will be at the beta stage, first draft and your feedback will help me improve it, answer any questions I may have missed. I am also considering a group, where questions can be asked and answered by those who have purchased the group and well as additional bonus videos as time goes on.

Would be interesting to see if a group would be of interest too!

Please sign up below to show your interest in the group and when the e-book is nearly ready, I will send out the early bird special offer!

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