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Family Photographer | My first paying client!

January 25, 2016

As with starting any kind of business, there is always worry that you wont get a customer, that your work is not quite good enough! So when someone actually says yes to a photoshoot and are willing to pay for photos, other than those they won in a competition (yes i cheated to get my first client!) the nerves set in and excitement built!

A week later I was on my way to meet my first ever client, a beautiful family of four! And oh was I in for a pleasant surprise, my first family were not only beautiful but absolutely lovely! I showed them pictures of what I hoped to gain from there shoot that day and they were very happy! So we sent the kids off running and I started chasing in order gain those all important playful pictures!

Lets talk about the boys, they were wonderful to work with, full of energy and of smiles! They made my job so easy, once they relaised I wasnt going to interupt their play, they jus got on with it, providing me with soo may picture perfet moments, its hard to chose a favourite, but here is a few...

But of course this photo shoot isn't just about the kids, it's about the family, did I mention how beautiful they are? Well as families go, I go very lucky, on the few stops I did get the children to do for a shoot, It didn't take long to get what I was after and sent the children off running again! the chemistry between this family is wonderful, complete and utter love.

Of course as the session came to an end, I couldn't let mum and dad walk away without a few shots of the two of them, how often do we forget about ourselves when it comes to taking pictures? And once again it was easy, this couple makes me very happy!

and here are some more beauties for the road!

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