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And then it rained! Family photoshoot on Dartmoor.

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

family photographer plymouth devon

One of the biggest worries when it comes to an outdoor family photoshoot, is rain? As much as we plan around the weather, sometimes it can be unavoidable. I am happy to reschedule.

For this beautiful photo shoot, we planned for a weekend session, the weather was due to be clear, and even checking the morning of the session there was only 10% chance of rain. Good odds right?

family photographer plymouth devon

We both came from different directions to the beautiful location of Pew Tor, just outside Tavistock, Devon. It wasn't raining...

We got onto location and within 5 minutes its started to drizzle, not heavy but enough to say, shall we go ahead or move to another time? As we were all there and the outfits had been chosen and the children were raring to go, we push ahead.

family photographer plymouth devon

And boy I am glad we did, this family conquered the rain like champs, not letting it ruin the photo session, and we had so much fun together. Mum said this isn't going to be a family photo session they will forget!

You can hardly tell that it was raining during the session, unless you zoom in and see droplets on their clothes, and well the wetness that ensued by the end of our time together.

family photographer plymouth devon

So for me the moral of the story, is a little rain does hurt, and beautiful photographs can still be gained even when the weather isn't so kind, so if you think your a family that could quite happily battle the elements get in touch, I would love to capture memories of your family, no matter what the weather - well unless of course it's a downpour!

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Cheryl Peach - newborn and family photographer, plymouth, devon

More about the Author.

Cheryl Peach is a family photographer based in Plymouth, Devon who specializes in maternity, newborn and family lifestyle photography, creating natural photographs that show the emotions and uniqueness of every family. Oh So Peachy Photography was

Created in 2016 when Cheryl found her passion for photography whilst photographing her own children and wanted to create memories for other to cherish for years to come. To book a session, please get in touch.

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