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Let play! Children and family photographer, Plymouth, Devon.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

As a children and family photographer, play is the center of all my photoshoots, well maybe except when its newborn babies, due to them being so little.

But when it comes to children, I do not expect them to pose, I do not even tell them to say cheese! Why because I want them to play and bring me their natural selves, let their personalities shine though.

Child and family photographer, Plymouth, Devon

I do not have expectations when the children come in, even when parents tell me they child is always smiley, sometimes they come in and its all serious faces! Like this little dude, boy did he make me and mum work to make him laugh naturally! Dont believe me? Pop over to instagram and check out my reel from this session, full energy from the word go!

Child and family photographer, Plymouth, Devon

But thats the beauty of photographing children, you never know what your going to get, This dude came in for a birthday session, which included a fruit bath, but did he want to sit in it? OH NO, first child to turn it down - ever! But thats not a problem, I don'tmake children do anything they dont want to, after all my family photo sessions are fun, not staged.

Child and family photographer, Plymouth, Devon

So mum had to get involved a lot, not that she minded as she now has beautiful photographs to remember her son when he was little, and the joy she is able to give him, even if he was weary of flashing lights and me wearing a mask.

I have an arsenal of toys, but this dude just wanted his mum, and thats cool, my child-centered approach allows us to go at the childs pace, not mine, not the parents, but the childs, playing with your children at your photo shoot should always be encouraged. they make for the best photographs.


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