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Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022

What a whirlwind of a year this has been.

Just when you think you can put 2020 behind you, 2021 throws another curveball, leaving us all grounded for the first quarter of the year!

But I am not going to complain, I decided it was time to relaunch my studio, due to first lockdown closing me down as soon as I opened and this time, nothing was stopping me.

April and May was super busy catching up on all the babies born over the months we were closed, and since then I have managed to photograph over 50 families! Blowing up my business to where I wanted to be for so long! I am completely in love with all the newborn babies and children that have come into my studio and I truly looking forward to seeing all the new arrivals of 2022!

It may have taken me a while to find my spot in the market, but I am so glad I have found simple baby and child led photogaphy style that helps me stand out from the crowd and is getting me noticed!

That an also getting to display my work at babybond! So if you go there for a 3d baby scan dont forget to check out my display on their walls!

So here is a roundup of some of my favourite sessions of the year, thank you to everyone that has supported me and my little business and helped to make dreams come true.

And heres to a wonderful (fingers crosssed) 2022!


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