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First newborn photoshoot after third lockdown - Newborn photographer, Plymouth

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

baby-led newborn photographer, plymouth devon

Not going to lie, I am so happy to be back at work, three months, well longer really, of lockdown, and I was itching to get back to work and meet some beautiful babies.

Meet my first newborn baby, post lockdown, Milly. She came in with her big brother and was such a sweetheart, and so chilled! She made coming back to work so easy, and I had 5 more newborns coming in during the same week, I feel she was being very gentle with me as I got used to being back at work after such a long time of doing not much other than mothering and homeschooling.

baby-led newborn photographer, plymouth devon

And her big brother well, he was just as amazing as his little sister, we gained some truly stunning photographs of them both, which mum and dad adored of course, how could they not resist and image like above?

As with all my newborn sessions, if siblings come along I will endeavour to take some photographs of them too, I know it's all about the baby, but I do sometimes feel in this new adjustment period they can be a little forgotten, not completely, of course! So I make sure I spend some time with them too, keep them feeling important in their new role as big brother or sister.

children photographer, plymouth devon

Mum and dad didn't want to be in photos for this session, but I did manage to get mum and dad to have just one photo! Which they bought of course, I know parents, especially mums, don't feel at the best just after having a baby but it is so important to have at least one photo for you to adore in years to come, even if you don't adore it so much right now.

Check out the gallery at bottom, do you think it will be something they will be grateful for in years to come?

Anyway, when parents decide not to be in the photo, I always try to make sure they are included somehow, and the most perfect way is through hands. It's so hard to remember how tiny they were when born, as they change so quickly, and using your hands not only builds connection with your baby and puts you in the image, but it also lets you see just how tiny they are compared to your hands!

baby-led newborn photographer, plymouth devon

Thank you, Milly and your beautiful family, for being my first post lock newborn baby! Here is to many more over the coming months as April and May already seen me through a record-breaking amount of newborn photo shoots! My heart really has been singing since re-opening in April, 2 months in, and I still can't get enough of all these adorable babies!

Keep them coming, I can always squeeze in one more!


More about the Author.

Cheryl Peach is a newborn and family photographer based in Plymouth, Devon who specializes in maternity, newborn, children and family lifestyle photography, creating natural photographs that show the emotions and uniqueness of every family. Oh So Peachy Photography was

Created in 2016 when Cheryl found her passion for photography whilst photographing her own children and wanted to create memories for others to cherish for years to come.

To book a session, please get in touch.

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