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Hiya Esme - baby photographer, Plymouth, Devon.

I loved having this little lady back, she is the most contented baby I have ever met, so happy and I can see why mama is so in love with her!

I love working with this age, exploring her surroundings and playing in the studio, as long as mama was close by of course, she was all for her mama that we had to place mama right next to me at times, cos she kept running for her, it was so cute, you can see the determination in her face to be back in mama's arms.

Taking pictures of this little girl was certainly entertaining, the faces she would pull at me was soo cute! I mean this baby is super adorable and enjoyed having her photo taken!

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Meet the Author

Cheryl Peach is a family photographer based in Plymouth, Devon who specializes in maternity, newborn and family lifestyle photography, creating natural photographs that show the emotions and uniqueness of every family. Oh So Peachy Photography was

created in 2016 when Cheryl found her passion for photography whilst photographing her own children and wanted to create memories for other to cherish for years to come. To book a session, please get in touch.

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