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How to get the most from your sessions

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Sessions with me should be all about fun, I want to capture your essence as a family and not just pictures posing for the camera (although these too are beautiful). Ideally during a session, especially one at home, we will have planned a couple of activities in advance, For the session shown here today the activities, were balls, trains, messy play and storytime. For this family these were everyday activities they loved to do together and gained the most natural shots possible, even with three children running riot.

There is lots of activities around that can be incorporated, nothing to big or small, the more options we have the more chance the children will enjoy the session and get the best smiles around. I once had a session on a beach where the family were very sporty, thier activities included, rugby, racing and jumping off rocks, sounds crazy but even in all that energy, we gained beautiful family shots, which I know they will treasure forever. So whilst we are planning your session, start thinking about the things you do together and make sure you add that to your activities list.

My sessions are only an hour long and very informal, and although I do not pose you, I do guide you into each activity, without these ready we wouldnt capture as many memories, whether done at home or on location, my aim is to remind you of days gone by, those little quirks your children have, thier joy and thier favouite things, because im sure in 10 years time that blankie wont be trailing behind your child any longer. Once I have guided you and your family into an activity, the rest is up to you and you should do what feels natural, I then take an almost fly on the wall approach, I may ask you to move closer or turn more towards me, just to make the shot perfect, but I will never ask you to smile and pose.

Children are unpredictable during a session and you never quite know they will be when having thier photo taken, some love it and play with me from word go and capturing amazing images in the first 5 minutes, others need time. This is why my sessions last up to an hour, quite often children are done within 30 minutes, but if planned right, distracting them with thier favourite things, amazing memories will be made. Please dont worry if your child has a meltdown during the session, just take them to a quite place for 5 minutes and im sure all will be fine, if not sitting in a chair having cuddles, can still make beautiful images, even if they are sad (well from behind!).

If you have chosen a session at home, please don't worry about mess! Your house does not need to be spick and span, I am not judgy, I have kids of my own, who dont know what a sink or bin is half the time! I suggest removing general clutter from the areas you would like to be photographed in, but don't worry, I can remove items I think are distracting and we can tidy as we go, but toys, will always be out, no matter how much you tidy. I generally suggest living room and a bedroom as a good base for your sessions.

When all is said and done, I hope you enjoy your session with me and that it doesnt feel like you have had a session but actually enjoyed time as a family (with a fly on the wall taking pictures) I generally believe that you and your children created memories during this short time together, that will remind you of the joy of thier younger days.

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