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Styled Photoshoot | Carnglaze Carverns | Oh So Peachy Photography, Plymouth, Devon.

Updated: May 25, 2019

13th May, 2015

So this week I had the opportunity to work with Ultimate resolutions, a workshop at the stunning location of Carnglaze Caverns. I have to say I was very nervous about attending, worried that jumping two feet first may result in some failures, especially knowing one of my downsides is low light, well lets say a cavern pretty much has NO LIGHT! But once i arrived i realized I didn't really need to worry! As expected everything is set up, hair stylists and make-up artists get to work on the models, an experienced photography sets up the scene as well as help guide us on our journey that day and i wasn't the only one there that had never worked with models or done this type of work before! 

My first model, Cheveay,was just beautiful and soon came to realize that she is only 16! Lets say we were all surprised by this, not that we thought she was old or anything, just not that young! She was soon joined by a young man called Ashley. Together they made a pretty cute couple and made for some wonderful images. 

My second model Amber, well she was a delight a natural model who I recon we will see great things from, every-time I clicked my camera she was in a new pose, don't think any of us could possibly got the same shot?!

Soon another male model turned up, with his rugged charms that stole the show, making for some very different shots.

I loved this guys look, had this fabulous mustache and just to get him to give it a fiddle, and no i'm not being rude, he reminded me something straight out of the circus or something! can just see him as a ringmaster!

The day is moving on and now it's time to try something else, I hear laughter coming from downstairs, and decide to see what beauties are awaiting me! and boy was i surprised! A mermaid called Nish, and oh how beautiful she was with her golden tail and just check out those reflections?! Nothing I love more than a good reflection!

And my groom from before had transformed into a merman! who knew? and such a wonderful transformation, in reality steam was coming off his body and if I knew how to capture that, it would have made for a stunning shot, but alas I know not of how to capture steam yet!

But I think I got spotted and the mermaids went shy! So i made a hasty retreat back upstairs only to spy a caveman? Now where did he come from, I had to hide back into the darkness so he didn't see my spying. 

But alas I got caught again so ran away out of the cave back into daylight, where the sun was shining bright and I left behind the magical beings that you just don't see every day of your life!

Outside it seemed like the beautiful Amber was about to do a runner and was waiting to a hitch hike home, but not before catching some last shots of her! and it seemed like the other mermaids have transformed back into human, ready and waiting to capture more stunning photos! 

I very much enjoyed my day with ALL the models, and thanks the penny for setting up the day, I cant wait to come to another workshop in the future.

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