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New baby? Here are the best milestones to photograph during their first year!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

There is never a time in your child's life when they go through so many changes than in their first year. They go from the tiniest, squishiest completely dependent bundle of joy to a moving, walking and babbling little people.

They grow so fast, and it is important to capture these times in photographs and create memories of the milestones they reach through their first year in this world.

newborn baby photo shoot plymouth


This is probably the most obvious that you're going to want photographed. Pictures of your newborn baby is always going to be high on your priority list, after all they stay this little for such a breif amount of time, even in four weeks, they have grown and changed so much! Most new parents love to capture this with a professional photoshoot, although it can be a minefield giving the vast amount of newborn photographers out there and knowing who is right for you.

My advice, go by the one that's portfolio you fall in love with. Whether this is fully posed traditional newborn, lifestyle at home or simply baby-led like me!

So why do I love photographing newborns?

Even though they are small and almost like all they do is sleep, poop and eat, their little personalities still shine through, with my natural baby-led approach, I capture awake and sleeping babies. When they are awake, their expressions change in every second. I can click constantly for 2 minutes in the same pose and each image will be completely different and sometimes downright funny! I mean look at this little lady, wonder what she is thinking here? What do you think she is saying?

newborn baby photographer plymouth devon

And when they are sleeping they are so adorable and show pure innocence! To me there is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby, they easily capture your heart.


Your baby is no longer newborn and is now smiling, cooing, and maybe even blessing you with their first giggles! Those smiles of recognition are something you will want to save and treasure! They are developing at a fast rate of knots and are beautifully alert to their surroundings and will watch everything you do. They are holding onto toys and have more control over their tiny hands and feet and starting to gain control of their heads and tummy time will begin to take place.

Some of my favourite photos taken at this milestone is on their tummies, looking directly at you. After all, you capture their full interest and love! Coupling that with their adorable gummy smiles. This is truly a beautiful stage to capture.

baby photographer plymouth devon


So by now they have mastered the rolling over, they are holding their head up strong, and they may even be taking their first wobbling moments of sitting unaided - cue the hundreds of cushions that surround them in case they fall! This is the perfect time to sum up their first 6 months of life and all the milestones they have achieved!

I adore photographing this stage, I find this one of the easiest photo shoots of all! They are so interested in everything, they are laughing and playing and engaging with all that is going on around them.

And they can't move! Yes this is what makes these kinds of photo shoots soo easy! They are not yet crawling or walking, and they remain, mainly, in the place that you left them! These sessions are beautifully unique to every 6-month-old baby, their personalities really do shine through and trust me, you're going to want these photos!

child photographer plymouth devon


At nine months old, your little one is now on the move! Crawling away pretty quickly, getting into things they probably shouldn't - I hope the safety gates are installed! Because they will get everywhere! Say goodbye to your tidy house as your little whirlwind plays with everything in sight!

Why should you capture this stage? Well it may be the last time before they start running away and that becomes a whole different kettle of fish, but at this stage they are playing so independently and intigued by the littlest things, it truly is a wonderful stage to capture!

baby milestones photographer plymouth devon


Yay! You survived the first year of parenting and it's time to celebrate their first birthday and what's a more beautiful way to do this than with a professional photo shoot?

This milestone is one of my favourites to capture and can include either a fruit bath or a cake smash! Which in itself can be lots of fun and create some super adorable images you will cherish for a very long time! Soon they will be toddling off and doing their own thing, and you will reminisce about the days when you knew where your child was at any given second!

first birthday photoshoot plymouth devon

They have grown so much over the last year, and they are no longer looking like a little baby, so make sure you capture this stage before they grow, because if you are anything like me, you will blink, and they will be preparing themselves for college (I think I am in denial of soon being a college student's mum!)

So for me, every day is a photo opportunity when capturing your child! But I do feel these four milestones are important to book a photoshoot for as they change so quickly in such a short amount of time!

If you would like to learn how you can take better photographs of your own children, why not join me in my new Facebook group Capturing childhood in photos by Cheryl Peach I would love to see you there and help you along the way to making sure you can too, can create beautiful memories of your little ones.

If you would like to book a session with me or find out more about my work and sessions, please visit my website.


Cheryl Peach - newborn and family photographer plymouth devon

More about the Author.

Cheryl Peach is a newborn and family photographer based in Plymouth, Devon who specializes in maternity, newborn, children and family lifestyle photography, creating natural photographs that show the emotions and uniqueness of every family. Oh So Peachy Photography was

Created in 2016 when Cheryl found her passion for photography whilst photographing her own children and wanted to create memories for others to cherish for years to come.

To book a session, please get in touch.


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