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Why I became a photographer | Oh SO Peachy Photography, Plymouth, Devon.

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

So why did I become a Photographer?

Well simple answer is, I wanted to take better pictures of my beautiful children (and hubby of course - don't forget hubby!) I mean look at them ain't they gorgeous!?

These two are my night and day, with highs and lows, laughter and tears, I wouldn't change anything! They make me laugh so hard and help me take time on the smaller things in life rather than work, work, work. After all, I also decided to take the plunge into the career as a photographer, so that I could always be there when they needed me, yes this may mean I am working into the wee hours, perfecting clients photos, but it is so worth it, being able to spend time with them everyday. which I didn't really get in my previous career as a disability carer.

And most of all I became a photographer because I love taking pictures and creating memories that will last forever, plus now I have a proper excuse to take so many pictures, especially with my family getting bored of my constant snapping, helping to keep me at bay (well just a little...).

xxx Cheryl xxx

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